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This site is devoted to unique visualizations designed to provide insight into the i-Ching, with a specific eye toward unlocking the secret of King Wen's ordering of the 64 hexagrams. Personalized readings are available from the Webmaster, J.M. Berger, for $40. E-mail with questions, comments or corrections.

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Jing Fang: Internal Structures

Jing Fang's Eight Palaces arrangement reveals a great deal of intricacy. This analysis takes a look at how pair relationships highlight a complex pattern of inversions and yin-yang opposites.

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King Wen: Symmetry And Change

The King Wen's sequence is balanced when viewed through the prism the changing lines. By applying the numerical values of the changing lines used in divination to King Wen's sequence as a whole, a hidden balance and symmetry emerges. However, the quality is not entirely unique to the King Wen arrangement.

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Eight Palaces Circular Arrangement

A circular arrangement of the Eight Palaces sequence reveals new symmetries, and a matrix of pair connections that offers interesting implications for interpreting the i-Ching, as well as proposing a new version of the ba gua.

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i-Ching Mandalas

Fu Xi Pair Symmetry

King Wen Broken Symmetry

'Mystery Sequence' & Alchemy

Jing Fang Pairs & Process

King Wen's Hidden 108

Broken Symmetry In Jing Fang

The Shape of Wen (draft)

King Wen in DNA Structure


i-Ching-based Tarot Layout

LOST and i-Ching

King Wen Mandala (Framed)

Quantum Chakras

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