King Wen Mandalas

These mandalas are geometrically derived from the King Wen sequence in various permutations. The key thing to remember is that they are direct visual representations of the i-Ching and not simply artistic interpretations. I will post more details about how they were created as time permits, but for now, I include them for their aesthetic value. To buy a framed print of one of these mandalas, click here or e-mail for a quote on a customized print.

King Wen || Animated King Wen || Mandala Map || Fu Xi || DNA Sequence

King Wen Sequence on 108 Grid

King Wen Upper Canon (Hexagrams 1-30)

King Wen Lower Canon (Hexagrams 31-64)

Upper Red, Lower Blue

King Wen Artistic Rendering

Mandala Assembled According To King Wen's
Sequential Ordering of Hexagram Pairs

Map of King Wen Mandala -- Chart Breaks Out Hexagram Pairs

Fu Xi Sequence Mandala

Fu Xi Mandala (Artistic)

King Wen Pairs on DNA Grid

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